jh_pic_090325_ThankYouBodies… BUT!!

it’s not over~!!





Seems like many are still HOT on ONE LOVE yea!?

Just look at Rainiq’s post! Energy~!! 🙂

Well… Like many of us that we hope and yearn for MORE!

Till we meet again. There are many things that we could do in our daily lives too! Amen?

Young People! Let’s continue to exercise the “Treasures” that Pastor Philip left with us.

He shared really good pointers, there were 3 – on the very last day’s Night Rally; for those that weren’t there and those that couldn’t jot down in time.

Jot it down & Place it somewhere that you could be reminded of !

No. 1  


In short to exercise the fruits of the spirit – Namely Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-control.



Holiness            :

In short is to walk in His way and remain as a Holy Vessel of God to be His messenger and be ready to be use anytime when He asks to, in the mean time, carrying out our usual duties and being sensitive with His voice. As well, in the world but not of the world while others being ‘puzzled’ with our ‘differences’ to be able to persist on our beliefs even though what others may say.



Intimacy  with the Holy Spirit:

Maintaining a close and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit to be able to draw people towards us just simply ‘automatically’ with the aura produced from within – by the holy spirit.




In short it’s the C-H-I ~~ ChristCharacter, Holiness, Intimacy



Someone shout Amen! 😀




Let’s continue to exercise these and until we meet again, believe that the Holy Spirit will do GREAT GREAT works in all of us and thereafter young warriors of God being the Salt and Light in your respective schools and families. Looking forward to hear the many many testimonies of the transformation that you have experience from the Holy Spirit and how He has helped you!


All-4-1-Love ❤




June 21, 2009




etc ….


Praising and Worshipping our AWESOME DADDY GOD 😀

plus the superr COOOL ONELOVE GOT TALENT !

& not forgeting, the superrr HUMOROUS PASTOR PHILIP.

lets all look forward to ONELOVE again yearhs 😀


i feel as though we are ONE big family already (:





first day of the conference..

and WOAH~~

God Swept all of us off our feet~!

not only so…

The word from delivered was a mighty one wasn’t it!?

If you’re scratching head on what i’m referring to or even regretting that you should have been here.

It’s NOT too late!!

There’s still Friday & Saturday!!

Join us !!

Loving the One, Together as One!

All For One Love !! ❤



June 16, 2009


the photo is ABITTT toooo small.

anyway, just a quick update & reminder.


have you registered with your church ?!?!


do you know about this ONELOVE GOT TALENT ? (:

any talent are welcomed ! from sports to music to studies to arts to drama to crapping 😀

register at ONELOVE.SG okayyy 😀



ps:im glad that there are still few people coming here to view (:

comment okayy 😀



Time for the question. 




for the much anticipated ONE LOVE AWAKENING CONFERENCE?


Are you ready to receive receive and receive the visions, dreams and revelations?



Are you ready to open up and be the ‘Today’s David’? 



Are you ready to be ‘STIR UP’ ?


so much for the ARE YOU READY.


well.. Are you?




We have been talking, they have be saying, for the past six months or so.. so much of preparation, get-togethers, games, soccer, etc etc.



The big day is here – The Conference.


Just some sharing about the speaker and my personal experience with him.

Firstly, if you still do not know who’s speaking. I’d like to introduce you to the speaker invited for this conference is Pastor Philip Mantofa.


Senior Pastor and Healing Evangelist of Rose of Sharon Church in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since early 1998, their ministry now covers a total of 51 churches and 30,845 disciples. Through evangelistic rallies all over Indonesia and the world, they have brought more than 50,000 souls to Christ. Through his ministry, numerous young leaders have been raised up to be pastors and spritual leaders in Indonesia.




Time for the sharing part.


I first heard him preached during the Asia Conference in Korea – Yoido Full Gospel Church last year, and totally felt that he is really annoited by God. Was really encouraged and stirred up spritually! 

Here’s a glimpse of the Asia Conference last year that i’ve attended.



It was really That~~ great to be filled up with God’s love and presence.


Am looking forward very much to this conference and definitely excited for the revelations that God is going to endowned us with. 



Young people of the Chinese Churches – the time is now.


Be Raised UP! Be equipped!

Be There!


For more details on the conference check out




See ya there!






June 2, 2009

ONELOVE @ BETHANY on 30 June 2009 was GREAT isnt it (:

i bet everyone was damn high that day ! because the worship is SOOOO POWERFUL & HIGH !

did you feel the same thing as i felt ? 😀

anyways, i have some photos here, was actually posted on Facebook too.

this group of worship team all comes from DIFFERENT CHURCHES 😀

how cool is it ? (: different churches people coming together to form a worship team (: & one small little secret.

they prepared for this ONELOVE for only like 2 times ?????? 😀 proo right (:  *CLAPS CLAPS*


Francis aka Chengyi, promoting his umbrella (:

its for the ONELOVE umbrella event on……… 20 June 2009(:

one for only $10 !!! & its big enough to cover at least 3 people 😀 go grabbb em’ now !!! 😀

it has the beautiful 爱 logo on it too (:


thats the horn !! actually thats not horn. but i dont know what it calls. but, its an interesting stuff (:


so intooooo the worship & praise….





just a little recap. remember what the pastor said on that day.


The story is that there is this scientist. He wanted to do a test on the flea. So he caught one and put it into a jar and close it with a cap.

Then this flea keeps jumping and jumping. and everytime it jumps, it would hit his head on the cap. After knowing the height that it is able to jump, it then decided to jump within the height of the jar so that it would not hit its head. After a few weeks, the scientist opened up the jar, waiting for the flea to jump out. But to his surprise, the flea did not ! But, it jumped until that jar’s height and went down again.

Then the scientist went to pick a stirrer and stir the flea. It became dizzy. After a few moment, it continued to jump and yes ! it finally jumped out of the jar and off it went.

From what i learn from this small story is that we are just like the flea. When we hit the jar cap ( troubles, problems, failures) , for the next time, we would try to stop hitting it again. But no fear, we have Jesus ! He would stir us, ( giving us strength and power and joy) to overcome everything else that is blocking us. and WOOOOOTS ~! There would go ! Into the place we want to be in 😀

This is what i learnt from the story . If its different from the pastor then you might want to share? (: because i type until half way then i realise i forget what the pastor say already x(

ONELOVE CONFERENCE is coming !!!!! We have the Invitied Guest Speak, Pastor Philip Mantofa ! 😀 from 18 June to 20 June ! have you registered for it ?!?! if not, REGISTER WITH YOUR CHURCH CELL LEADERS (: i think.

Register in groups of 10 so that you only have to pay $30. if individal, it would be $50 (: if you dont have a group, you can contact Chengyi from Agape and he will help you with it (:

OH YES ! ONELOVE GOT TALENT !! come join okayyys 😀

First Prize is $1000 !!!!! GRABBB IT !!! 😀



Angels & Demons

May 25, 2009



How many have watched this movie already??


Or read the book? 


Having one sitting beside me now… contemplating if I should read it… nonetheless, I’ve watched the movie and it was indeed a good one.



For the rest who have neither read the book nor watched the movie… do at least one of it.


Personally I rated the movie with the following, and pinned it on my ‘must watch’ list of movies 2009.  See if you concur with me.


  * Casts and Acting   = 2.5/5 (not fantastic except for the strong casts esp. Tom Hanks & Ewan McGregor)

  * Scenes & Staging = 3   /5   (fascinated about the exemplary churches & artefacts filmed) 

  * Plot & Pace            = 4  /5    (the whole gist of why the film is a success)


Overall                                = 3.5/5



Personally, i would recommend my friends to watch it. A classic best selling by Dan Brown, his 2nd success after Da Vinci Code. 


Just a slight story outline for those what are contemplating to watch it or not, hope that this could help you decide…?



World-renowned Harvard symbologist Robert Langdon is summoned to a Swiss research facility to analyze a cryptic symbol seared into the chest of a murdered physicist. What he discovers is unimaginable: a deadly cendetta against the Catholic Church by a centuries-old underground organization – the Illuminati. Desperate to save the Vatican from a powerful time bomb, Langdon joins forces in Rome with the beautiful and mysterious scientist Vittoria Vetra. Together they embark on a frantic hunt through sealed crypts, dangerous catacombs deserted cathedrals, and the most secretive vault on earth… the long forgotten illuminati lair. 


Overall, i feel it was indeed the details and facts and the supports that made the whole show turned out really well. Furthermore, it must be the pace and the layering of the story that kept all our eyeballs focused on the screen.

Personally, i thought that if you do not have any idea on churches or Rome or Catholic or arts, you might struggle a little with the terms and artefacts when Langdon and Victorria tried to ‘explain’ and murmur in search of clues etc. 



It’s really exciting especially when you have a little knowledge of those that you’ll be amazed how the writer is able to string all those into something that ‘sounded’ so real.. 


I even heard from my friend that someone she knew really took DaVinCi code for real due to the facts that Dan Brown roped in.


REALLY! Serious disclaimer!! Please do not think this to be real! or anyhow if the story writes about conspiracy and how he even decoded the artefacts. I’m sure that many are factual but the linkages may not be true. 


Even so, when it touches on the topic of religion, please do not even try to rebuke it with the bible or any other religious teachings, as I believe that movies and books as such are meant for entertainment purposes. But also, don’t be too oblivious and naive when people try to say something which is not true, right? 

Anyhow, it’s just a novel turn movie!

Still, as a movie fanatic, one not to be missed this year. 


Catch it? Caught it? Share it here!