jh_pic_090325_ThankYouBodies… BUT!!

it’s not over~!!





Seems like many are still HOT on ONE LOVE yea!?

Just look at Rainiq’s post! Energy~!! 🙂

Well… Like many of us that we hope and yearn for MORE!

Till we meet again. There are many things that we could do in our daily lives too! Amen?

Young People! Let’s continue to exercise the “Treasures” that Pastor Philip left with us.

He shared really good pointers, there were 3 – on the very last day’s Night Rally; for those that weren’t there and those that couldn’t jot down in time.

Jot it down & Place it somewhere that you could be reminded of !

No. 1  


In short to exercise the fruits of the spirit – Namely Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-control.



Holiness            :

In short is to walk in His way and remain as a Holy Vessel of God to be His messenger and be ready to be use anytime when He asks to, in the mean time, carrying out our usual duties and being sensitive with His voice. As well, in the world but not of the world while others being ‘puzzled’ with our ‘differences’ to be able to persist on our beliefs even though what others may say.



Intimacy  with the Holy Spirit:

Maintaining a close and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit to be able to draw people towards us just simply ‘automatically’ with the aura produced from within – by the holy spirit.




In short it’s the C-H-I ~~ ChristCharacter, Holiness, Intimacy



Someone shout Amen! 😀




Let’s continue to exercise these and until we meet again, believe that the Holy Spirit will do GREAT GREAT works in all of us and thereafter young warriors of God being the Salt and Light in your respective schools and families. Looking forward to hear the many many testimonies of the transformation that you have experience from the Holy Spirit and how He has helped you!


All-4-1-Love ❤





first day of the conference..

and WOAH~~

God Swept all of us off our feet~!

not only so…

The word from delivered was a mighty one wasn’t it!?

If you’re scratching head on what i’m referring to or even regretting that you should have been here.

It’s NOT too late!!

There’s still Friday & Saturday!!

Join us !!

Loving the One, Together as One!

All For One Love !! ❤



Time for the question. 




for the much anticipated ONE LOVE AWAKENING CONFERENCE?


Are you ready to receive receive and receive the visions, dreams and revelations?



Are you ready to open up and be the ‘Today’s David’? 



Are you ready to be ‘STIR UP’ ?


so much for the ARE YOU READY.


well.. Are you?




We have been talking, they have be saying, for the past six months or so.. so much of preparation, get-togethers, games, soccer, etc etc.



The big day is here – The Conference.


Just some sharing about the speaker and my personal experience with him.

Firstly, if you still do not know who’s speaking. I’d like to introduce you to the speaker invited for this conference is Pastor Philip Mantofa.


Senior Pastor and Healing Evangelist of Rose of Sharon Church in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since early 1998, their ministry now covers a total of 51 churches and 30,845 disciples. Through evangelistic rallies all over Indonesia and the world, they have brought more than 50,000 souls to Christ. Through his ministry, numerous young leaders have been raised up to be pastors and spritual leaders in Indonesia.




Time for the sharing part.


I first heard him preached during the Asia Conference in Korea – Yoido Full Gospel Church last year, and totally felt that he is really annoited by God. Was really encouraged and stirred up spritually! 

Here’s a glimpse of the Asia Conference last year that i’ve attended.



It was really That~~ great to be filled up with God’s love and presence.


Am looking forward very much to this conference and definitely excited for the revelations that God is going to endowned us with. 



Young people of the Chinese Churches – the time is now.


Be Raised UP! Be equipped!

Be There!


For more details on the conference check out




See ya there!





today ONE LOVE 4th monthly gathering was a BLAST at Agape Christian Centre!

Began, happened and ended with all *BOOM* *BOMB* and *BANG*~

well… i hope that that this post isn’t subjective cause, when i spoke with some of them, they think likewise too! Kicking start the with the Worship session, THAT definitely RAWKED the house church down! haha! indeed it was a marvellous time of getting together as Chinese Churches’ youths, all worshipping in one voice and in one heart and that’s just simply Great!


i sense a lot of *nods nods* now..

here’s a couple of ‘interviews’ with several people who attended the night’s event …

“Experienced a ultimate worship, can really feel the presence of the Lord with and in us. It gave me a lot of new insights about worship; worship is not about the crowds but about God because it’s the heart of worship when the music fade all is strip away and we simply come to worship!”


”ONE love today is wonderful! can see tat we’re really ONZ for it!!! cos’ i can feel everyone’s passion towards God & the yearning of saving the lost souls for God. Especially during worship time when everyone was waving their hands.. can see the unity in us as one.. and together as one, we’ll bring ONE LOVE into our youth cultures. “

“today’s onelove was a WONDERFUL ONE ! i can feel everyone’s yearning for God & wanting to do work for him ! See-ing everyone together doing the actions, jumping & praising Him as one family is a very rare thing that other churches have. So, i thank God for this onelove event (:”

It definitely HYPED up many of us with the conference date drawing nearer.

Brother Xavier shared with us that as a privileged Christian, and having the ability of bilingualism, we have the POWER to change!

Indeed! How many of us here reading this blog can speak and write BOTH English and Chinese? Of course we’re not expecting to write as well as the Chinese in China, but at the very least, we can speak chinese! and definitely, we can communicate with them.

Pastor Soh shared with us about the verse on “ The Harvest is plenty, but the Labourers are few…”

Letting us bear in mind that meeting together like this is only a ‘small thing’ and the ‘BIG plan’ is God’s harvest!

Thereafter, more and bigger gatherings could be possible!

There’s a bigger purpose that why we are all gathered like that and being ‘moved’ and ‘marched’ out in the same foot and tuning to the same song. It’s on the same purpose that we are here. All for a BIGGER purpose that God has for us.


Also the many CRAZY things that Brother Francis shared; including the miracles. The number that God have given him. remember? spread the VIRUS! haha~

Yummy refreshments definitely gave everyone a ‘chance’ to slow their foot and talk and be ‘refreshed’. Everyone were enjoying each other’s company and catching up not just within their own churches but also between churches!!

Am so excited also for the silk-screen printing project that is coming up. Saw the prints that were made – really cool! I feel that some are as good as those hanging in uni*lo. lol~


and the Badges! get one and pin it on your bags! isn’t it AWESOME that you’ll see someone having one and yet you don’t know him/her. but from that badge, you know that we are ALL-FOR-ONE-LOVE!

Many many many more exciting activities lining up !!


how in the world can people reject free lunch? haha~

Be Blessed and Go Bless!!

For more updates,
Watch the space @ http://onelove.sg
and onelove @ Facebook

RAwK-ON !!


ALL-4-1-Heart ❤

April fool’s!!

April 1, 2009

computer-virus_thumbeeeeeKKKKKK!!! There is a VIRUS on April fool’s day!! oh my!!! this is serious.. if u have been looking at the news today, a malicious virus named by computer detectives as ‘downadup’ or ‘Convicker’ was found to modify itself when the clock strikes 12 am today according to channel news asia. The worm is expected to make its presence felt from the East to the West beginning in time zones that are first to greet april fool’s day.

What is yet to be discovered is that professionals are still puzzled by this ‘lazy’ worm’s ultimate agenda. Is the Virus going to destroy all our files? is the virus going to cause the airplane to drop from the sky? However, like most virus does, it is definitely going to inflict some damage to the tech-savvy world. ( how i wish one love virus can kick off like this virus:))

‘Conficker’ has been roaming around since last November causing cyber crimes to rise using email frauds and keystroke capture that steal millions of personal information of user all around the world. Microsoft Window users are susceptible to this virus. ( i am a mac user so i am safe i hope) Even thumb drives are vulnerable too. so i urge everyone whose security software is expired or firewall is turn off because you are playing Dota or viwawa to level up your system security before its too late.

Mutation can happen to this virus too. The host can infect computers to become slave and use them as weapons to launch a deadlier attack on computers.  Dont be disheartened yet if u have backuped all your important files:)

VIRUS spreads and multiply. this was what Jun Liang shared last saturday. One love VIRUS is good, you do not need to backup your files to protect yourself. what u need to do is ‘let your guards down’ and let it infect you and u can be a host too by spreading to all your friends. i wish to see our VIRUS multiply 10 folds, 100 folds to 1000 folds:) so remember on 24 to 25 April, remember to change your profile pic to a one love poster and change your status to ‘all for love.’

OK thats all for today. i am off to study. just to remind all who are still not ambassador yet to look for Francis from agape church to pass him your name and details.

hope u guys remember me, XOXO.


March 30, 2009


This event was held last last friday, 20 March 2009 ! Although around 30+ people attended the gathering, but im sure that every single one of us enjoyed the day very much 😀

Let me just briefly share what happened during that day.

We have two teams. ‘ONE’ and ‘LOVE’. What a nice name right ?

First game is called ‘Plaster’ . The game is that A will shout out B’s name. Then B will get the chance to hit the person either on his right or left. C, who gets hit must remain quiet while the person beside C has to shout ouch, then the next person shouts plaster and the next will shout another person’s name. And it goes round like this. So, began the DAMN UNLUCKY ONE, i sat beside the ‘PRO’. Omgoshh, you’d never be able to imagine how red is my thigh ! Everyone is like so scared of this PRO. Moral of the story is, dont sit beside that PRO whenever you play this game.

Followed by the game ‘Entangled’ , ‘Crocodile Cross the River’ & ‘Arranging on the Chair’. During the games, they have to stand on the chair and play. During the game, something happened to the poor little chair. *Sorry little chair. Hope you’re fine*


While waiting for the people to set fire and BBQ the food, more games were played. Like ‘ Zhong Ji Mi Ma’ & ‘Tooth-Pick Game’.


A BIG Thank You to those who helped in setting up the fire. It was a tough job ! I saw this guy using paper plates and fanning the fire crazily, not even sparing the newspaper. He even dirtied his hand while taking the charcoal. But the worst thing is, HE WIPED IT ON MY FACE ! Luckily no photo was shot ! xD Back to the point, really thanked them for their help. If not, we wont have those delicious food to eat.





looks delicious uh (:

I believe that during the dinner time, everyone mix around, joke and chat with each other. I saw Agape people talking to Gk611 people, The New Church people mixing around with Bethany Church people etc. More friends were made during that moment. YEAH !

After dinner, we proceeded to the last game, ‘Treasure Hunt’. Teams were to find the sweets that were hidden around the church. Whoever got the most sweets win, and whoever finishes all the sweets first, wins (: Prizes were then given out to the winners.

Before ending, we played one more small game. ‘Zhong Ji Mi Ma’. They were to go back to their own church mates and as a team, see who loses, and those “lucky ones” will get to eat those delicious food(the leftovers lah) 😀 The New Church was the BIG winner for Hotdogs, Bethany was the BIG winner for Nuggets, GK611 was the BIG winner of crabstick & Agape was the winner of Nuggets (not as much as Bethany) XD

ONELOVE BBQ’s success would not be possible without Lydia, MeiJiao, WeiShun, Nat, Samuel (TNC), Chengyi & Felly(Agape). Lets give them a round of applause ! *claps claps* 

On another note, a BIG thank you to everyone for attending the gathering. Hope you guys had made more friends through this event, and possibly become friends for life… (:









ps: all these pictures are too small. for more and clearer pictures, please log on to http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?sid=1a313b3b0769471b6d843e39f8ee794e&id=1501110428&hiq=yi%2Cqi#/event.php?eid=72091560794&ref=mf



March 29, 2009

Just back from One Love gathering at The New Church (:


Everything about it was wonderful and marvelous. From the ice-breaking session to Praise and Worship, from the Pastors’ talks to prayer, it was all so memorable. Surely, God’s presence filled the sanctuary as aobut 200 people gathered together, all for one love 😀


The event started off on time with the ice breaking games, and one of them was ”The Tree & Squirrel’, which was led by George from SJC. People from different churches had to mix around in order to fulfil the objective of the game, thus breaking the ice between one another. It was also a good opportunity for those shy ones  to get to know new friends, as everybody was made to be in a close proximity with two other people from different churches at all times.

A surprise from the Sports team came right after the ice-breakers as the draw for the One Love Challenge Cup was held LIVE, hosted by Jeremy from GK611. For your information, the Challenge Cup is still open for registration – registration will close on Monday, 29th March. For more details about it, please refer to the onelove website.


Next up, the FIRE and RAIN DOWN Praise and Worship!! Everyone praised and worshiped the Lord with all our hearts, mind and soul. This e-journalist feels that ‘One Way’ was the most hyped up song for Praise ‘n Worship because everyone could put down their masks and be REAL infront of God ! Like me, I don’t often jump during Praise ‘n Worship sessions, but today I JUMPED ! Praise God! 😀

Pastor Soh, from TNC, shared a small story about Jackie Pullinger. She followed after God from a very young age and her whole life was transformed, and she was a history maker, playing a huge part in changing the lives of many. The main point is that youths should follow the God’s will and trust that He will take care of your whole life. Different people have different callings from God. For example, Pastor Soh shared that God called him to spread the gospel among the chinese speaking while on the other hand, his ex-classmate, Pastor Kong Hee was called to spread the gospel among other people. Although they are of the same age, God put them in different places and missions. Thus, we do not need to compare our ministries with others, because at the end of the day, you are still serving the One and Only God.


Then, Pastor Lee Ke Hong shared that if we remain in Christ, and He will remain in us. In Love, there is no fear. So, pluck up your courage and say ILOVEYOU to Jesus and your parents. Even to your close friends because you love them right ? (: I challenge you now, within this week, make an effort to say at least once ILOVEYOU to your parents 😀

Some future updates.

Coming June, we would have 5188 balloons, with the word 爱, send up to our Heavenly Father. Lets keep this in prayer as the committee members would help us think about the event.

We have only 120 One Love ambassadors currently !! So, if you want to be part of One Love, JOIN US by filling up a form (:

Chengyi, from Agape, would be going from poly to poly to TREAT us a meal ! So by supporting him, GO GET A FREE MEAL at your School ! More informations would be released in the near future. Thank God for Chengyi, because he is willing to use his pocket money ALL FOR ONE LOVE 😀

On the 24 April 2009, those with facebook, lets change OUR status to ALL FOR ONE LOVE ❤ and change your profile picture to the one love virus, which will be released in the onelove website soon! xD


A big thank you to The New Church and all who were present tonight as you contributed to the success of the event! Lets look forward to our next gathering at Agape Church, just a few streets down the road! SHALOM !