Super Junior Fighting!

March 29, 2009

Introducing… Super Junior!

In case you’ve never heard of this boy group before, they’re called Super Junior, duh. Anyway, they consist of thirteen guys, age ranging from 21 to 26. Leeteuk, the leader, is the oldest among the 13 of them. The rest of the group members include Heechul, Hangeng, Yesung, Kangin, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum and Kyuhyun. Well, actually all these names are their stage names, their real names are difficult to remember, so that’s the whole point of stage names, isn’t it? Haha.

A short introduction of Super Junior.

Super Junior is a 13 member boyband from South Korea, produced by SM Entertainment, one of Korea’s largest producers of pop music. Super Junior debuted in November of 2005 with 12 members, one of which, Hankyung (also known as Hangeng), is actually Chinese. Their 13th member, Kyuhyun, was added to the group in May of 2006. All of the members are involved in other aspects of the entertainment industry, including acting, DJing, MCing and modelling.

Super Junior has released two studio albums and one CD single in Korea since 2005. Their most successful album, Don’t Don, was the second best-selling album of 2007, according to the Music Industry Association of Korea. In addition, the group has earned four music awards from the M.NET/KM Music Festival, another four from the Golden Disk Awards, and is the second group to win Favorite Artist Korea at the MTV Asia Awards after JTL.
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Anyway, Super Junior used to be a very popular group in Korea. It still is now, but personally I feel that they are sort of dying down. My friend, who used to love Donghae, hardly mentions his name these days. For me, due to other groups that debuted during the time where SUJU took their break, I forgot all about them and didn’t think of wanting them to debut their next album. However, I think that is not the case for the Korean fans. Everlasting Friends(ELF), is the fan club of SUJU. I tell you, they’re a bunch of crazy fans and make any effort just to get close to these 13 boys. They’re quite violent too, that’s the bad part.

I’ve known SUJU since last year, 2008. I started to really like this group when my friend sent me a song, called Happiness. Happiness is a lively song and happy song, as the name suggests. The boys are SO CUTE in their MV, and that really make me feel happy. Even listening to the song would lift up my spirits. So, I decided to find out more about this group. I watched listen to more of their songs, watched their dramas(some of them), watched their shows. One example is the variety show, Full House. The boys would have to host two female, both of them from foreign countries. What the boys would have to do is to communicate with them in ENGLISH. SO as you can guess, the task is pretty challenging. They pronounce “heart” as “ har-ter”. Funny. I watched and laughed really hard as I see them making efforts to articulate but they all did wrongly, haha.

The main thing now! SUJU recently released their album, Sorry Sorry, which is somewhat a dance song. I thought they would come back with a sentimental image but I was wrong. The song starts off with the lyrics “Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry…” Yeah, it’s 4 times, not typo error. But if you listen carefully to the song, you might have heard them singing “shorty, sor-li, shawry” HAHA. I really thought their engrish was that bad. Howver, they’re really singing the word “shawty”. I mean, is there such a word on earth? I didn’t like the song, since there’s too much “sorry”s. But with time, the song was actually stuck in my head for a week! Okay, but seriously speaking, it can’t be compared to Wonder Girls’s “Nobody”. That was stuck in my head for at least 2 weeks, and even now…

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Last night the final 11 American Idol hopefuls took to the stage with America’s most ethical genre- Country. A wide array of songs were choosen, but this writer could not help but notice that singer Carrie Underwood’s songs were one of the most popular, be it with the audience or with the judges. Although it was established earlier that it was ‘Country Night’, a prerequesite theme from way, way, way long ago in Idol history, most of the contestant managed to turn their picks into jazzy, blusey soul music. Notably, the only one who succeeded with a proper country song was Megan-Joy, the 22-year-old blondie from Sandy, Utah.


There are mixed reviews on her performance, although, personally, I thought it was really refreshing. The unique tone of her vocals really bring a different edge to the show every week. It’s even more amazing how she makes singing so effortless. She had the flu, though, during her stint on the show this week (Get well soon Megan!!) and was coughing and sniffling throughout the comments from the judges. Regardless, she still looked FABULOUS in the springtime tie-dye maxi, going with the whole ethereal look for spring, yet still blending in to the country colours of umber and colbalt.

We have more performances to look forward tonight as Carrie Underwood takes the stage! Last night, two of the contestants sang songs from her albums, Danny Gokey with ‘Jesus take the Wheel’ and Matt Girund with ‘So Small’. I loved Danny’s performance. Before he sang, they showed a clip of how Danny kept messing up the words when he had to sing in front of country star Randy Travis (the week’s mentor..) but managed to pick up the pieces just in time for Randy nod in approval.


I’m not particularly sure if it was just me, or was it just the chorus of the song, but the moment Danny moved from the stanza into the chorus for ‘ JESUS, take the whheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel!!!!!!!” the entire audience stood to it’s feet and screamed. Hands across the audititorium were raised as Danny’s voice took the runs that seemed were written just for him, and for a moment, he simply free-styled it out, hitting all the explosive huge notes you usually only hear from Whitney or Mariah. I thought that song was touching. Paula was right, saying that the way he sang the song, with the softness of it for the verses before going into a more passionate frenzy for the ‘Jesus’ part, was like writing a story.

Although, does anyone think that the winter parka Danny was wearing for the show was a bit much? I mean, yeah, the song says ‘ She was driving last Friday on her way to Cincinnati, on a snow white Christmas Eve” but there’s no need to embody the song to the literal sense that it was written about a woman who was driving in the Winter.

A little more on the Billboard hit, Jesus Take The Wheel, it was Carrie’s debuting single on her first CD, Some Hearts. The single also peaked at Number 1 on the U.S Billboard Hot Country Songs, at 20 on the Billboard Hot 100, and at 4 Billboard Hot Christian Songs.


Fresh-Faced Carrie Underwood was the first ‘Country’ singer to come out of American Idol. She sang Inside your Heaven, the Idol single for that season, Independence Day, a Country single by Martina McBride and When Angels Brought Me Here by Guy Sebastian. Carrie is a multiple Grammy Award Winner, as well as a seven-time platinium artist from her Album, Some Hearts. More recently, she gave her voice to the ending theme of Disney’s Enchanted, singing the song, Ever Ever After.

Right after her second platinum of Some Hearts, Carrie was on the Washington Post livechat and shared with her fans about some parts of her personal life and goals. One fan asked if she was Christian, and if that was the inspiration for Jesus Takes the Wheel.

I am a Christian but I think so many people can relate to Jesus Take the Wheel because even if they’re not Christian I’m sure there’s been some point in their lives when they’ve needed help from something or someone, which is why the song is doing so well.

Which is true really, some people just need help, be it from God, or from whoever! =) Yay Carrie for being responsible to her fans (Called Carrie’s Care Bears, BTW.)

On a more final note.. THE TOP 10 HAVE BEEN CHOSEN!!


Of the three that made it into the ‘Bottom Three’ my favorite was still Alexis Grace, 21, single mom. Unfortunately, Alexis was kicked out even after she sang a second rendition of ‘Jolene’, the hit song recorded by Dolly Parton. The judges had deliberated whether or not to save her, but in the end, still decided that they would let her go. Alexis fell apart, literally. And whilst I did not particularly like her performance of Jolene ( She warped it, really, so much that it didn’t even sound like something Dolly wrote!) I still think she deserved to have another chance. I mean, COME ON. If Anoop Desai, who screwed up ‘Beat It’ by Michael Jackson still had a chance in this competition, then Alexis ought to as well.

Oh wells. All the best Alexis Grace, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of you!! -Taa

LOVE, Gwen ❤


Xiao Zhu's latest album 'Fashion Man'

Xiao Zhu's latest album 'Fashion Man''

‘潮男正傳’ tells it all about this celebrity who is now the most popular Pop Idol in asia and some even termed him as the ‘King of Dance.’ He won tons of awards in his singing career bagging another 3 awards here at the Singapore Entertainment awards this month:

  • Most popular male singer
  • Most Stylish hunk
  • SPH media award – Best Artiste of the Year (all-round)

羅志祥 aka Xiao Zhu is someone who works really hard in his career and goes beyond just entertaining people and satisfying the requirements of his fans. He is today one of the most influential person among the younger generations shaping the fashion and value systems of young people. we can always see this in his interview when he said that he wants to change the life of people through the hardwork he put in in his music.

haha. Xiao Zhu is the One celebrity in the world that can Act, Sing, Dance, host etc. on TV. you can never find someone more talented than him in the chinese media business. I have been  noticing him since my secondary school days (i am in uni now) and i was so crazy that i rushed home before 5pm on weekdays just to watch him in 娛樂百分百 whether is there lessons or not. Imagine telling your friends that you are going to ‘pang sei’ them just to catch your favorite TV show. It was totally insane. Ever since, I was keeping up with him  and he sort of accompanied me through my schooling days.   

Metamorphosis of Show Luo

Metamorphosis of Show Luo

This picture described the journey of Xiao Zhu since his first group album with the boy group ‘The Four Heavenly Kings'(first person on the left), team Romeo( 2nd person). The Third person was the new embarkation in his career and album by going solo after a series of unhappiness and negative remarks that he is ‘out-dated.’ The fourth was the new look in the album 舞所不在. And finally the last was his makeover in the latest album that sold more than 12000 copies in taiwan alone.

Xiao Zhu is not like michael jackson who hit the world immediately. He is someone who had been through the darkest period of the chinese show-biz culture that once a celebrity is not appealing anymore, he/she will be taken out of the rat race and left to survive on his own. He was then left to become the host of an unpopular show that he had to be downgraded to be toyed by other celebrities by making fun of him. His career was further exacerbated  by debts that he borrowed. It was really sad that he needs to borrow money from friends to stay alive. 

However, his life changed after his first debut album in 2003 that proved many wrong with their judgement that he could no longer stand on the stage. The second album ‘達人Show’ soon came climbing up the taiwan’s music chart with song ‘戀愛達人’ hitting the number 1 spot for weeks. 

show-luo-expert-showSoon, movies and dramas producer came hunting for him. Commercial advertisments too, even hollywood came knocking on the door as he became the chinese version of Zac Efron.

High School Musical

High School Musical

yup. He is now the most sort-after celebrity in all areas and even though i am in university now, i am still watching his shows and dramas. His past experiences in life had molded him into the person he is today that is focus, energy-driven with a never say die attitude, and a filial son who treasures his relationship with his mum.


Xiao Zhu and his mum

Xiao Zhu and his mum

i wish him all the best in his upcoming album and career. JIA YOU!!!!!!!