March 30, 2009


This event was held last last friday, 20 March 2009 ! Although around 30+ people attended the gathering, but im sure that every single one of us enjoyed the day very much 😀

Let me just briefly share what happened during that day.

We have two teams. ‘ONE’ and ‘LOVE’. What a nice name right ?

First game is called ‘Plaster’ . The game is that A will shout out B’s name. Then B will get the chance to hit the person either on his right or left. C, who gets hit must remain quiet while the person beside C has to shout ouch, then the next person shouts plaster and the next will shout another person’s name. And it goes round like this. So, began the DAMN UNLUCKY ONE, i sat beside the ‘PRO’. Omgoshh, you’d never be able to imagine how red is my thigh ! Everyone is like so scared of this PRO. Moral of the story is, dont sit beside that PRO whenever you play this game.

Followed by the game ‘Entangled’ , ‘Crocodile Cross the River’ & ‘Arranging on the Chair’. During the games, they have to stand on the chair and play. During the game, something happened to the poor little chair. *Sorry little chair. Hope you’re fine*


While waiting for the people to set fire and BBQ the food, more games were played. Like ‘ Zhong Ji Mi Ma’ & ‘Tooth-Pick Game’.


A BIG Thank You to those who helped in setting up the fire. It was a tough job ! I saw this guy using paper plates and fanning the fire crazily, not even sparing the newspaper. He even dirtied his hand while taking the charcoal. But the worst thing is, HE WIPED IT ON MY FACE ! Luckily no photo was shot ! xD Back to the point, really thanked them for their help. If not, we wont have those delicious food to eat.





looks delicious uh (:

I believe that during the dinner time, everyone mix around, joke and chat with each other. I saw Agape people talking to Gk611 people, The New Church people mixing around with Bethany Church people etc. More friends were made during that moment. YEAH !

After dinner, we proceeded to the last game, ‘Treasure Hunt’. Teams were to find the sweets that were hidden around the church. Whoever got the most sweets win, and whoever finishes all the sweets first, wins (: Prizes were then given out to the winners.

Before ending, we played one more small game. ‘Zhong Ji Mi Ma’. They were to go back to their own church mates and as a team, see who loses, and those “lucky ones” will get to eat those delicious food(the leftovers lah) 😀 The New Church was the BIG winner for Hotdogs, Bethany was the BIG winner for Nuggets, GK611 was the BIG winner of crabstick & Agape was the winner of Nuggets (not as much as Bethany) XD

ONELOVE BBQ’s success would not be possible without Lydia, MeiJiao, WeiShun, Nat, Samuel (TNC), Chengyi & Felly(Agape). Lets give them a round of applause ! *claps claps* 

On another note, a BIG thank you to everyone for attending the gathering. Hope you guys had made more friends through this event, and possibly become friends for life… (:









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Pizza Hut, Pizza Hut,

Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut

MacDonalds, Macdonalds,

Kentucky Fried Chicken and a Pizza Hut



Ever wondered how important fast food is in your life? Without knowing it, I have personally eaten fast food twice alone on Monday ! Well, what exactly is fast food to begin with? The definition of fast food from Wikipedia would be the term given to food that can be prepared and served very quickly. While any meal with low preparation time can be considered to be fast food, typically the term refers to food sold in a restaurant or store with low quality preparation and served to the customer in a packaged form for take-out/take-away.

So once we talk about fast food, the famous house brands will come straight into your brain. MacDonalds, KFC and the like. These names have already become a part of us, and they are here to stay. Despite parental protests about these greasy, oily, starchy, and ultra fattening food, we still eat it for the sake of convenience. It has always been easier to meet to study at MacDonalds, or settle a quick dinner at KFC. How many times have we needed these fast food giants that without them, we will have no idea where to eat?

Just to settle a point, I want to clear the names of fast food from the Court of Unhealthy Food. As mentioned previously, fast food may not meet the criteria of being junk food. As fast food is just food that can be prepared quickly and instantly, I believe that even spaghetti and frozen food can be brought into the picture. These foods are easily prepared by soaking in hot water, or microwaved into edible, even delicious nibbles. Not all fast foods have to be junk food can also be brought across by a certain familiar restaurant called Subway. Subway boasts the healthier choice of tasty, fresh vegetables and grilled meat in a sandwich which has allowed them to paste the red health pyramid (the healthier choice) on their boards. And if memory serves, there was even an advertisment in which a person lost weight due to changing his diet to Subway sandwiches.

 To the lovers of these delicious Big Mac’s or Chicken Drumlets, please do not be offended. I will be referring to fast food as junk food, since that is the majority of the truth.

As you  know, the point brought across is only to protect the minority of the fast food chains that actually cares about the health of the customers. I believe that the common understanding towards fast food can be summarised by the grotesque movie “Super Size Me”. Using himself as the test subect, Morgan Spurlock underwent a month of the famous MacDonalds meals. And to those who have no clue what the movie is, here’s a quick summary.



 There was no Happy meal in this show. Spurlock took it on himself to chew on and swallow the big M’s food everyday, 3 meals a day. The movie title came about due to the customers being able to go further than the usual upsize of the meal to a super size. He had a month to test out on how destructive the power of MacDonalds is to your body. Verdict? Duh.  the then-32-year-old Spurlock gained 11.1 kg, a 13% body mass increase, and experienced moodswings, sexual dysfunction, and liver damage. It took Spurlock fourteen months to lose the weight he gained.

Of course, that would only happen if the only food left in the world is our favourite MacDonalds. This show, though true and intimidating to many, only showed the extreme case of the consumption of these fast foods. However, it is alarming enough to see the rate of people consuming these fast food. It is already ironic enough in the sense that I am currently sitting in MacDonalds, typing this after I had a delicious Fillet-O-Fish. These fast foods chains are here to stay, like it or not. And the only thing you can do about it is to join in.

Conclusion? Its up to your personal beliefs and habits that will deterine that answer. As for me, I will not try to run from the unavoidable. Fast food was, is, and will always be a part of my life (:

on credits to BEN L.  (:


Last week, I met up with a couple of friends for lunch. Both of them are currently working in the Raffles place area and our fortnightly meet-ups have usually been over lunch in the crazily busy disaster zone (CBD). When they suggested a Vietnamese place for lunch i was pleasantly surprised for a few reasons, firstly, I’ve been craving for Vietnamese (food i mean. of course!) for the longest time and second, how many Vietnamese eateries do you see around, and in the CBD?! Ever since completing my three years of undergrad studies in Melbourne, I’ve been constantly missing the Vietnamese eateries with its piping hot delicious Phở (pronounced “fur”) white rice noodles in clear beef broth with thick slices of beef, the BEST thing to have in the cold winter months, Cơm tấm (never knew how to pronounce accurately HAHA), broken rice served with grilled pork, shredded pork skin, fried egg and meatloaf, and last but not least, the most affordable for us poor students….. Bánh mì!! I’ll explain what this is later on!

baguette_deliThis quaint little shop situated in the midst of the hustle and bustle of the CBD has been open since 2006 by Wei Chan. Surprise surprise! The reason that he chose to open a Vietnamese eatery in Singapore was that it reminded him of the time he studied in Canada and longed for the flavours of Singapore. Vietnamese cuisine was the solution for him as it was relatively affordable, simple but yet refreshing. That’s what inspired him to open “Baguette-The Viet inspired Deli“.


Back to Bánh mì, the national sandwich of Vietnam! It is traditionally made with the type of baguette you can find in Delifrance, and the sandwich is filled with slices of thinly sliced pickled carrots and radish, onions, cucumbers and topped with cilantro and chilli. Fillings include slices of grilled chicken or pork, Vietnamese ham, paté and a mayonnaise-like spread. It was the result of French colonialism in Indochina, the people creatively combined French Western ingredients like the baguette and paté with Vietnamese ingredients like coriander and pickled vegetables. The result was nothing short of perfection i must say!


My experience at Baguette was a pleasant one. I had the Curry Baguette, possibly a creation by the boss who probably thought including a Singaporean element to this already amazing fusion sandwich would make it even better! The baguette did not disappoint with its contrasting but interesting flavours. The fragrance of the curry from lemongrass and other spices and the crunchy texture of the fresh vegetables (I’m no vegetable lover but this still passed the test!) made it a good choice! My friends had the Meatball Baguette while the other had Curry Rice, basically meatballs as the filling in the baguette (fusion at work once again!) and curry rice was just the same curry i had but with rice instead. The drinks on the menu seemed interesting and I decided to try Soda Chanh (the guy taking my order told me “It’ll remind you of summer”). Despite being refreshing, I couldn’t get used to the taste of sour plum in my drink. OH of course you could order it without sour plum, personal preference! 🙂 Vietnamese “drip coffee” was another beverage that seemed interesting but i didn’t get to try. maybe next time!

With the limited number of seats available, its inevitable that they’ll be a relatively long queue during lunch time. So do try to avoid the mad lunch time rush. OH last but not least! prices range from about 5-15 dollars.

If you ever pop by the Raffles place area, and want to have something different, do give this a try!

P.S there’s a unit next to #01-39 that’s shared between Baguette and the dessert stall next to it. The ones owned by the dessert stall are marked by the reserved sign. SO! if you don’t want to get scolded by the auntie that works over at the dessert stall do remember to stay clear of their tables! She seemed awfully displeased with a few expats and told them off. In the end they had to order desserts just to sit there while waiting for their baguettes! 😦


Baguette, The Viet Inspired Deli

Market Street Car Park #01-39
(diagonally opposite Lau Pat Sat)
Tel/Fax: (65) 6536 5426
Operates Mon – Fri from 0800hrs to 2000hrs
Sat & Sun Close

Alright… it’s getting hott in here~ and i soooo have to blog this! Woah! excited eh~

If you happen to visit the Singapore Changi Airport T3 – NTUC ;

Oh! and i usually call it Aunty-Lucy; cause it’s more ‘to the heart’ – she simply provides you with ‘everything’ you need!! blah blah blah…~

Back to topic….

there’s this additional ‘showcase’ thingy that have ‘special’ racks for the Cadbury corner, and i simply can’t control but to take pictures of the ‘interesting’ things there were saying about chocolates.

so here’s the first one…

“Chocolate is nutritious”

 well well well…! So why did mom stop me from eating chocolates in the first place? i should have showed her this! *humph*

 oh well~  i like the next one better!


YOU’RE WARNED!                       Don’t just read the ‘header’, always read on!!

When consume correctly, Chocolates’ itself shouldn’t let you ‘grow’ fat’.Uh-uh~

As what it says, interestingly the Swiss who made and consumed A-LOT of chocolates are actually ‘in general’ do not have a higher mean body mass index than that of American. Just to show how much chocolates Swiss consume and make.

Here’s some quick figures :

“Today most Swiss chocolate is consumed by the Swiss themselves (54% in 2000), and Switzerland has the highest per capita rate of chocolate consumption world wide (11.6 kg per capita per annum).

In 2004 148,270 tonnes of chocolate were produced in Switzerland. 53% of this was exported (20% to Germany, 11% to France and Great Britain and 13% to North America). The gross income of the Swiss chocolate industry in 2004 was 1,365 million CHF (814 million from the local market, 551 million from exports).”



Wow~!! i tell you that is A-LOT ok? if you don’t know how much is 148,270 tonnes. Just one simple analogy, an elephant weighs about 5 tonnes. ok, now go do the maths.            *tic-tic-tic*                

p/s: to speed up the process you may use the calculator 

This is true!!  It’s scientifically proven that chocolates at a consulted & moderated intake is actually ‘good to the heart’.

Why?  still ask why! didn’t read what i wrote right? already mentioned it’s ‘scientifically proven’~

still don’t believe? ok.. fine! i can’t really do anything to you, you see… 

*Flashing News*

Chocolate Was Reported as Being “Healthy”

Henry Stubbe (1632-1676) was a physician who considered drinking Chocolate once or twice a day an excellent cure for fatigue caused by hard work. He also believed that Chocolate helped benefit the heart and that it helped increased breast milk production in women.


An interesting fact about chocolate is that, after much research, it’s since been found to contain healthy antioxidants. These can help lower the incidence of getting cancer and heart disease. Eating chocolate can also lower your LDL cholesterol and add beneficial iron and magnesium to your body!


Wow! so next time anyone tries to make you guilty or tells you, you’re harming your health when you eat chocolates, tell him …!

“hey~ you didn’t read news? it’s scientifically proven hor… blah blah blah~”   how bout that?  *winks* 


the last picture that i wanna share…. reads “Get Happy with Chocolate” 

it’s no joke! i reallyhad depended on it when i’m really sad or unhappy.  Try it with ice-cream, or simply try chocolate ice-cream (my favorite choice – Ben & Jerry’s) , it works double! well.. at least that works for me..

but again scientifically it’s proven that it contains a chemical known as phenylethylamine. This chemical – phenylethylamine, in addition to the sugar, fat and caffeine that’s found in chocolate has been shown to release serotonin and endorphins- two known chemicals that make us feel happy!

 Ermz…  I’m actually not so sure now about the ice-cream part. well, at least i proven it to ‘myself’…

So… try and see if it works!! =p

With all these ‘positivity’ facts about chocolates and the Mmm-mm~ goodness of chocolates, how can you still contain your ‘desires’?  

putting it into practical implications… 

Calling out to the Gentleman!

Please!   Make a girls’ day by buying her some chocolates!

BUT beware, first find out if she’s on a ‘diet’. You sure won’t want a return ‘cold’ shoulder right? 

and Girls!  next time you receive a box of chocolates, stop calculating about the KCals or how much longer you need to hit the gym after.. Savour the goodness then think about it later …!

*p/s: i’m so not responsible for any adverse effects! =P *

Further to that and what was shared earlier.. 

I’ll give another 10 Good Excuses for Eating Chocolate.

1. I love it. 
2. I love it. 
3. I love it. 
4. I love it. 
5. I love it. 
6. I love it. 
7. I love it. 
8. I love it. 
9. I love it. 
10. I love it.      


(On the other hand, who needs an excuse??) 

“Just give me the chocolate

and no one gets hurt!”








all-4-1-Heart ❤