August 31, 2009

YEAPS im back blogging again! 😀

cos’ i have nothing to do now. so come back and blog. HAHA! let me just ‘anyhow’ blog for a moment. oh yes. let me tell you guys. on 21 Aug got 200 plus people view this wordpress ! but you know why? is cos’ there is a post on cristiano ronaldo. when people enter this into the search engine, linklinklink then come here. that is why there is such a HIGHHHHH hit. i think the HIGHEST hit ever since we started blogging…

anyway, yeahs. ONELOVE at AGAPE was just over last sat. although the response was not that good, buttttttt. GOD’S GRACE is there for us to count. anyway i was thinking at that moment. we should count the number of lost souls out there instead of the people who are alr saved. agreee agreee? 😀

let me just do a quick and fast summary on what FRANCIS aka CHENGYI has said last sat.

1) be in the RACE.

being in the race, running to the finish point. & at every water point, we would get our drinks. which are like onelove conference, services, cell , church events etc. when we get these ‘drinks’, we would get refreshed and recharged. of cos’, sometimes, not everyone would get recharged. but rest assured. that at least ONE person would get recharged and refreshed ! & believe that that person would be YOU!

2) be strong for others, not only yourself.

like when your brothers and sisters in christ are ‘drowning’. be there, to pull them along with you. pray for them, that they would have strength to overcome all these problems. for the bible stated: the joy of the Lord is my strength! and the church will gather, cos’ of that one person.

3) drink & run. not drink and walk.

when you drink enough water, you should start running alr. not just walk. cos’ if keep walking, and drinking and walking and drinking. you are going to get BLOATED. like…. when you have the love of God. dont just keeep it to yourself. RUNNNN! then when you run, the sweat(love) would drop. and means spreading around God’s love ! so that you can continue to have more LOVE and continue to spread this wonderful love around(:

HAHA! goshhh. these are some few points that i’ve learnt. maybe a bit confusing. HEHE. but i think you cann get some points that im driving at. opps.

so i pray that you guys will keeep running in the race! running to the finish line and then, we cann meet Him face to face. even if we fall, there would be people to pick you up and encourage you to continue running. & most importantly, when you fall, Jesus is there is pick you up. cuddle you in His arms and carry you to run this race(:

raininq is here againnnn…(:


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