August 7, 2009




1900 – 2100 at AGAPE. Geylang Lorong 11 . 29 August 2009 ! be sureee to see you theree (:

hey. this onelove movement is not only for us to get to know more friends. but try to INVITE your friends tooo !

let me share this simple analogy with you.

imagine you saw this pretty nice camera with good specification and the price is affordable. you would recommend it to your friends right? telling them how good is this product and would also encourage your friends to buy it right. this applies to our GOODNEWS – JESUS CHRIST. He came down to suffer for us & toook ALL our sins so that we can live with that JOYYY & PEACE in our life ! ‘For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life’. John 3:16′

such a wonderful present for us, such a GOODNEWS TO US. so lets go out and reach out to those unreached ! be the salt and light of the world ! bring this GOODNEWS to them, that they will also believe in this one and only TRUE GOD.

yeahs ! im gonna ask my friends to come along too ! so you guys tooo alright ?! let’s fill AGAPE CHURCH’s sanctuary  with HUMANS !! (: lets start praying now. when we pray, He hears. He not only hears, but also ANSWER(:



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