One Love Awkening : Aftermath

June 22, 2009

jh_pic_090325_ThankYouBodies… BUT!!

it’s not over~!!





Seems like many are still HOT on ONE LOVE yea!?

Just look at Rainiq’s post! Energy~!! 🙂

Well… Like many of us that we hope and yearn for MORE!

Till we meet again. There are many things that we could do in our daily lives too! Amen?

Young People! Let’s continue to exercise the “Treasures” that Pastor Philip left with us.

He shared really good pointers, there were 3 – on the very last day’s Night Rally; for those that weren’t there and those that couldn’t jot down in time.

Jot it down & Place it somewhere that you could be reminded of !

No. 1  


In short to exercise the fruits of the spirit – Namely Love, Joy, Peace, Patience, Kindness, Goodness, Faithfulness, Gentleness & Self-control.



Holiness            :

In short is to walk in His way and remain as a Holy Vessel of God to be His messenger and be ready to be use anytime when He asks to, in the mean time, carrying out our usual duties and being sensitive with His voice. As well, in the world but not of the world while others being ‘puzzled’ with our ‘differences’ to be able to persist on our beliefs even though what others may say.



Intimacy  with the Holy Spirit:

Maintaining a close and intimate relationship with the Holy Spirit to be able to draw people towards us just simply ‘automatically’ with the aura produced from within – by the holy spirit.




In short it’s the C-H-I ~~ ChristCharacter, Holiness, Intimacy



Someone shout Amen! 😀




Let’s continue to exercise these and until we meet again, believe that the Holy Spirit will do GREAT GREAT works in all of us and thereafter young warriors of God being the Salt and Light in your respective schools and families. Looking forward to hear the many many testimonies of the transformation that you have experience from the Holy Spirit and how He has helped you!


All-4-1-Love ❤



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