One Love Awakening : it’s ON!!

June 19, 2009



first day of the conference..

and WOAH~~

God Swept all of us off our feet~!

not only so…

The word from delivered was a mighty one wasn’t it!?

If you’re scratching head on what i’m referring to or even regretting that you should have been here.

It’s NOT too late!!

There’s still Friday & Saturday!!

Join us !!

Loving the One, Together as One!

All For One Love !! ❤



2 Responses to “One Love Awakening : it’s ON!!”

  1. eric Says:

    May I join the saturday morning conference ? is this free or need to register in advance ?


    • oh Eric!

      not sure if anyone replied to you? Guessed everyone was busy with the One Love.

      Nonetheless, though the conference is over. You’re welcome to come join us in our church services!

      Please contact any of us!

      Some churches that are involved :-

      *Agape Christian Centre
      *GK 611
      *The New Church
      *Bethany Presbyterian Church
      *En community Church

      etc etc…

      Join us at our FACEBOOK Group !
      Link :


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