One Love Awakening Conference 18-20jUne —– … Are you ready?

June 5, 2009


Time for the question. 




for the much anticipated ONE LOVE AWAKENING CONFERENCE?


Are you ready to receive receive and receive the visions, dreams and revelations?



Are you ready to open up and be the ‘Today’s David’? 



Are you ready to be ‘STIR UP’ ?


so much for the ARE YOU READY.


well.. Are you?




We have been talking, they have be saying, for the past six months or so.. so much of preparation, get-togethers, games, soccer, etc etc.



The big day is here – The Conference.


Just some sharing about the speaker and my personal experience with him.

Firstly, if you still do not know who’s speaking. I’d like to introduce you to the speaker invited for this conference is Pastor Philip Mantofa.


Senior Pastor and Healing Evangelist of Rose of Sharon Church in Surabaya, Indonesia. Since early 1998, their ministry now covers a total of 51 churches and 30,845 disciples. Through evangelistic rallies all over Indonesia and the world, they have brought more than 50,000 souls to Christ. Through his ministry, numerous young leaders have been raised up to be pastors and spritual leaders in Indonesia.




Time for the sharing part.


I first heard him preached during the Asia Conference in Korea – Yoido Full Gospel Church last year, and totally felt that he is really annoited by God. Was really encouraged and stirred up spritually! 

Here’s a glimpse of the Asia Conference last year that i’ve attended.



It was really That~~ great to be filled up with God’s love and presence.


Am looking forward very much to this conference and definitely excited for the revelations that God is going to endowned us with. 



Young people of the Chinese Churches – the time is now.


Be Raised UP! Be equipped!

Be There!


For more details on the conference check out



See ya there!






One Response to “One Love Awakening Conference 18-20jUne —– … Are you ready?”

  1. FELLY Says:

    im going im going im going ! 😀

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