May 9, 2009


According to a new survey of 7,000 on-line women done by AOL’s Platform-A and media agency OMD, multi-tasking mothers can complete 27 hours’ worth of activity, including those relating to work, family, surfing the internet, chores, eating and shopping, into a single day.



Be Honest!!! this is True! really SALUTE to all moms!




to start off with we’re all here because our MOMS gave birth to us! right?  *nods nods*


and not only so; who cooked? washed? nurse? feed? bathe?  *Shouts* “MOMMY~~!!”




all the hard work of our moms! dont they deserve something dear on this special day?


Or simply write her a card express your LOVE and appreciation to all her hard work. 


Do our moms expect anything from us at all, even though how much hard-work they have put in? no. 


But it’s just the feeling of content and comfort of seeing us grow up and become a better person. or even a more successful person than they could have been.


As asians, we dont’ really know how to ‘express’ our love in words and even express it out at all. I think it’s really important to express it to our parents. Personally, i’m also learning to do this, it’s very difficult though it’s simple.

” I Love you Ma”. 


BUT, i think at least doing things that can make her feel loved is already a step in expressing it out loud.


DO! something today. 


Someone wrote this, and i thought it was really dear to my heart. No fancy words and writings, like how my cousin who wrote in the newspaper for a mother’s day competition won with really fancy good writing. 

But i really felt touched reading this. 

Hope your mom will too.



Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, who taught me to value lifelong friendships; to embrace life with cheer and optimism, despite the personal challenges we may face; to appreciate the wonders of our world, from Orion in the sky to crocuses pushing up through the snow; to love all God’s creatures – especially dogs, but not snakes; and who brought me to countless lessons, which resulted in a life-long love of skiing and horseback riding; who encouraged healthy self esteem before those were buzzwords; who always believed in unconditional love; who has always modeled the term life-long learner; who passed on her love of reading; and who values her children above all else.



To All moms : 


           “HAPPY MOMMY’S DAY !!!”


~  ibecks


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