17 again.

April 29, 2009


Watched this movie and thought that it is rather entertaining, and though story line is ever ‘expected’ but what can you ask more when it stars Zac Efron?

And many other stars. Matthew Perry made me think of FRIENDS all the time. His face just make me think of the sitcom without fail! That just shows how successful it is.

For those who have yet to catch his movie, do consider watching it with your buddies or love ones, thereafter,

Embrace life! For life itself is Good! 🙂

17 again.

A story of a man – Mike O’donnell who grumbles about all his ‘failures’ to his wife, whom he got married to since high school; kinda blaming her for the marriage. That his life could have been different if a different route was taken; that only if he finished the match, and got scouted to college.

Resulted, in a divorced initiated by his wife – scarlet.

His ‘spirit guardian’ – a janitor, threw him back to when he was in his senior year.

Things happen, firstly, he thought that the intention for him to revert back to 17 is to‘re-live’ his life again and perhaps choose a different route.

Later did he know that he was there most importantly to ‘do things’ to help his kids – Alex and Maggie.

Or even to ‘understand’ and care about them better.

In the end, he went through again his match that could change his life. But still he chose to be with his wife.

He ended up where he was still despite given a ‘second’ chance to re-live.

However, it made him realized and changed his rest of his life from all the grumbling and also salvaged his sour relationship with his wife whom he loves.

Morale of the story.

Live it



4 Responses to “17 again.”

  1. Mr. B Says:

    I thought it was an interesting movie.. I mean, how would you respond if you were given a 2nd chance? Would you try to right your wrongs? Study harder? Make deeper relationships? Or would you, like how the movie progressed, choose to walk the same route as before, coz you are living the best life that you can ever live, and be willing to live on despite all the wrongs?

    What really touched me was when Zac Efron read his feelings out against a blank sheet of paper (spoiler..) Kinda makes me wonder, do you really have to hide behind a facade, even if its only as thin as a paper, to be able to say what you really feel…

  2. becca Says:


    esp… giving up smth but gaining a whole lot more~

    living the best life now is to living life to fullest and to purpose


  3. Yingdan Says:

    i think one thing which really stayed with me after the show is when maggie got dumped and mike told her…

    at your age everything seems the end of the world.. but its actually the beginning…

    isnt that so true… when we step behind and take a look… the world is so much bigger than we think it is.. and there are so much more in the world for us to care about and tear and laugh about other the our own.. 😀

  4. becca Says:


    that’s really really true.. it’s almost like when we grow older and we look back..

    although there had been obstacles.. but we all ‘made it’ otherwise we wont be here isnt it.

    it’s so true like how the bible says

    “God won’t make the obstacles too difficult for us to handle”

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