ONE-LOVE : RAWK ON! 25.04.09 @ Agape

April 26, 2009

today ONE LOVE 4th monthly gathering was a BLAST at Agape Christian Centre!

Began, happened and ended with all *BOOM* *BOMB* and *BANG*~

well… i hope that that this post isn’t subjective cause, when i spoke with some of them, they think likewise too! Kicking start the with the Worship session, THAT definitely RAWKED the house church down! haha! indeed it was a marvellous time of getting together as Chinese Churches’ youths, all worshipping in one voice and in one heart and that’s just simply Great!


i sense a lot of *nods nods* now..

here’s a couple of ‘interviews’ with several people who attended the night’s event …

“Experienced a ultimate worship, can really feel the presence of the Lord with and in us. It gave me a lot of new insights about worship; worship is not about the crowds but about God because it’s the heart of worship when the music fade all is strip away and we simply come to worship!”


”ONE love today is wonderful! can see tat we’re really ONZ for it!!! cos’ i can feel everyone’s passion towards God & the yearning of saving the lost souls for God. Especially during worship time when everyone was waving their hands.. can see the unity in us as one.. and together as one, we’ll bring ONE LOVE into our youth cultures. “

“today’s onelove was a WONDERFUL ONE ! i can feel everyone’s yearning for God & wanting to do work for him ! See-ing everyone together doing the actions, jumping & praising Him as one family is a very rare thing that other churches have. So, i thank God for this onelove event (:”

It definitely HYPED up many of us with the conference date drawing nearer.

Brother Xavier shared with us that as a privileged Christian, and having the ability of bilingualism, we have the POWER to change!

Indeed! How many of us here reading this blog can speak and write BOTH English and Chinese? Of course we’re not expecting to write as well as the Chinese in China, but at the very least, we can speak chinese! and definitely, we can communicate with them.

Pastor Soh shared with us about the verse on “ The Harvest is plenty, but the Labourers are few…”

Letting us bear in mind that meeting together like this is only a ‘small thing’ and the ‘BIG plan’ is God’s harvest!

Thereafter, more and bigger gatherings could be possible!

There’s a bigger purpose that why we are all gathered like that and being ‘moved’ and ‘marched’ out in the same foot and tuning to the same song. It’s on the same purpose that we are here. All for a BIGGER purpose that God has for us.


Also the many CRAZY things that Brother Francis shared; including the miracles. The number that God have given him. remember? spread the VIRUS! haha~

Yummy refreshments definitely gave everyone a ‘chance’ to slow their foot and talk and be ‘refreshed’. Everyone were enjoying each other’s company and catching up not just within their own churches but also between churches!!

Am so excited also for the silk-screen printing project that is coming up. Saw the prints that were made – really cool! I feel that some are as good as those hanging in uni*lo. lol~


and the Badges! get one and pin it on your bags! isn’t it AWESOME that you’ll see someone having one and yet you don’t know him/her. but from that badge, you know that we are ALL-FOR-ONE-LOVE!

Many many many more exciting activities lining up !!


how in the world can people reject free lunch? haha~

Be Blessed and Go Bless!!

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RAwK-ON !!


ALL-4-1-Heart ❤


One Response to “ONE-LOVE : RAWK ON! 25.04.09 @ Agape”

  1. becca Says:

    RAWKED! biggg time! 🙂

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