Handsome Suit ハンサム★スーツ

April 17, 2009



I watched the movie “Handsome Suit” today, and it came as a pleasant surprise that this movie is more than a simple movie of an ugly person trying to be handsome. 

Summary of the movie:

 A physically unattractive person named Takuro falls in love with a beautiful waitress, Hiroko, working at his diner. However, he was rejected when he proclaimed his love for her. Convinced that his failure is due to his ugliness, Takuro gave up hope on ever finding true love. It was then that a salesman introduced Takuro to a suit that will allow him to transform to someone else, someone that is “handsome”. Graced by this new technology, he was even more certain that he needs to get rid of the old him. Being handsome has allowed him to live a life where no one looks down on him, where almost every human of the opposite sex adores him, and where he obtained fame as a model. All these made him feel that his life was boring, and he wanted to be “handsome” forever.


His wish was granted when a perfect Handsome Suit was made (he was wearing a trial suit before). This suit allowed him to be his handsome self forever, abandoning his past, throwing away his ugly self, along with his mediocre life with it. After a series of negative experiences with his ugly self, he thought that only by being handsome will the society accept him, and he donned that perfect suit. However, when a friend of his got into an accident, he realized that he need not be handsome to be adored. That he already has friends that will stick with him, even though he looks the way he was. This spurred him to throw his perfect suit away permanently, and remain as the old him that is ugly, as there will always be people backing him up.



I found myself asking this question that almost everyone will when they watch this movie: Are looks really that important? Is the skin deeper than the heart? Sadly, I found that I did not want to answer the “model” answer of “It’s not the external beauty that matters, but the internal one.” I think that there is no need to lie in this topic, looks are definitely important. There is no denying that a book cannot be judged by its cover, nor a person judged by the face. However, when you see a book, what gives you the first impression? Is it the content of the book? Unless you have eyes that can see through material, I guess the first thing that you see about the book is the title, the authors’ name, and everything else on its cover. It is similar in the case that it is easier to approach someone with good looks rather than one without. The first impression given to someone else cannot be your kindness, your helpfulness, etc. The first impression is what people can use their five different senses to judge.

And one of the five senses is sight.



But is beauty that important?


Is it important till the point you will abandon all to pursue superficiality?


Maybe you need a Handsome Suit to know what you really want. This movie talks about a man who thought that appearance is all there is to being liked, only to find that there is something deeper. I recommend that you watch this movie if you have not done so. There is a twist in this movie which made it so special. The twist gave depth to the movie. That not all ugly faces have an ugly heart. That not all pretty face has a pretty heart.



That someone who is handsome outside is just a shell, and is actually ugly inside. And that someone who is ugly outside may just be a butterfly hiding in its cocoon. =)






credits to MR. B. 





not bloomwood




One Response to “Handsome Suit ハンサム★スーツ”

  1. raininq Says:

    yeah yeah yeah. i agree… the very honest me would say i look out for the person’s look first before i see their internal self.
    if that person doesnt look nice, i wont even bother to go talk to em’ laR ! but then after knowing the person long, i would still go talk to them one. anyway, im just begin honest here (:

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