SoEul Couple CF MV!

April 5, 2009


Well, the SoEul couple is basically So Yi Jung and Chu Ga Eul from Boys before flowers. Haha, and they’re really cute. Too bad they didn’t end up together in the drama, I think. I might have skipped some parts, but I remember Ga Eul leaving Yi Jung, which is so disheartening. gah. Anyway, Anycall(Korean phone brand) has released the Bodyguard CF MV! And yes, it features the SoEul couple! The MV was sang by SHINee, and it was done as a music video with a storyline added to it.


So here is the MV! I watched it once, and i LOVED it. They really look cute together. And I laughed super hard at the “BOOM Jun Pyo” part. Haha, if you understand what I mean:D


Actually after watching the MV I feel like getting one of that phone myself luh! It looks so good and you can pull the trigger to call for help? haha. I won’t have to feel lonely anymore! But I’ve already bought a new LG ice cream phone on Monday, So 😦  cause my phone died-ed during One Love gathering at New Church on Saturday=x

Okay, and good news is, I finally finished watching Boys Before Flowers today! YAY! I chiong all the way without skipping parts okay. And my mum was like asking who is this and that, what happened, blah blah blah. Because the last few episodes were a little moody, like Jan Di is going to leave Jun Pyo, And Jun Pyo lost his memory. I’m a girl, so yes, I did cry ALOT. But they are still dramas, so I came back to reality like 2 hours later? HAHAH. Okay sorry for the randomness.


Oh and one last thing, Wonder Girls’s concert in Seoul was a success! I came across lots of videos for the concert, and each of the members did a solo. But I was shocked that I wasn’t even interested in clicking “play”! oh no. I mean it’s not that I don’t like them anymore but I feel more comfortable if they were to sing their own song. I would love to see them perform NOBODY in different versions, or So Hot in the sexy version, hah.


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