April 5, 2009


Today I watched the movie Detroit Metal City, and thoughts of how funny and interesting the movie was, how some of the concepts are fresh and catchy. Until my friend said that the movie was disturbing and that it contains certain hidden agendas that bugs the person’s subconscious when watching. It was only until then that I realized that my friend was right, and that the movie had content that knocks on the backdoor of your brain, and put in certain ideas that you would not have even thought of. No wonder one of those that knew the content beforehand asked for a prayer before entering.

Before anything, I have to say that this movie is definitely not for the faint hearted. Even with that NC16 rating, viewers’ discretion is and should be seriously advised. I was disgusted during parts of the movie, and this content should not be brought into light of the younger ones of the community. Thank God for censorship.

A little summary of the movie: The story is about a guy called Soichi Negishi who chased his dreams of being a “trendy” singer. However, his “trendiness” is rarely appreciated by others (wonder why, didn’t sound that bad), and therefore he did not advance much into his dream music career. However, Negishi has a talent for music, not one that he likes anyway. His talent was spotted and widely abused when he was tricked into a hard core metal band called Detroit Metal City (D.M.C.). When he puts on the makeup and costume, he is instantly transformed to the hellish Mr. Krauser, lead singer of the band, and the object of worship of his many fans.

Despite being able to perform and sing (or in this case, scream), this is not the genre of music that Negishi wanted to perform, and he struggled with a case of identity crisis. To make matters worse, he fell in love with Yuri Aikawa, an acquaintance from school. And Aikawa makes it known to Negishi that she hates the band D.M.C., without knowing that Negishi is actually Mr. Krauser. With problem after problem piling on top of each other, Negishi decided to leave the band and return to his hometown for good. However, upon reaching home, he was discovered by his mother of being Mr. Krauser, lead singer of D.M.C. Instead of revealing the fact, Negishi’s mother kept it a secret, and using the fact, reminded Negishi of his dream when he first started his journey, to use his music to influence and fulfill the dream of others. Holding on to this, Negishi returned to the stage as Mr. Krauser and continued to perform.

Allow me to put forward the points that I thought of before my friend enlightened me with many more. Firstly, this movie talks about being you. Not the façade you are holding up in front of others. You may be a crazy, hard rocking freak in front of the crowd. But are you actually a gentle and peaceful person that actually hates that mask that you have to wear in order to survive in this world? Well, lose the Batman mask, and try being Bruce Wayne. It may not be what others will like about you. Some might dislike you; some might label you as weird. The process is tough, but at least you are being You.

Secondly, you make a difference! Despite Negishi’s dream of being a trendy singer has been a total failure, his dream has encouraged many around him to move on to being who they are. Like how Negishi has a junior that made it big in the music industry because of the encouragement given by Negishi back when they were in school. Or in a sense, Negishi helped the boss of D.M.C. to realize her dream in the world of metal music. Without knowing it, Negishi has been an influence, both positive and negative, to the people around him. He only realized it when he disappeared from his band, when tons of fan mail came in, hoping that he returns from ‘hell’.

Thirdly, do not judge a book by its cover, or in this case, a rocker by his face paint. What is underneath the layer of makeup is what’s important. Despite hurling vulgarities on the stage when being Mr. Krauser, Negishi was one that does not even dare to do that offstage. Not one of his fans knew that it was actually Mr. Krauser himself when Negishi walked out of the backstage, because his image was not what anyone could imagine to be the one being a lunatic on stage. In short, be like Negishi’s mother, who saw through Mr. Krauser immediately as her own son. Do not stereotype.
Ok, now for what my friend said that sent me thinking in another direction. My friend felt that the entire movie has been trying to put heavy metal music into a nice little basket, wrap it up with ribbons and the such, and presented to us in such a way that in our subconscious mind, we would think that heavy metal, despite containing profanities that veer far from the basic courtesy of a person, is ok. To think that all the hate and gore, all the songs of sex and murder are ok, and that they can even help people dream. Yes, my friend felt a little disgusted about the fact that the entire movie theatre burst out into laughter when the obscene songs are sung.

Personally, I would not have thought of that (of course, I was one of those laughing), especially I am not one that would like to think so deep as to dig into the content of the movie until every possible way of interpreting it is found. However, this fact made me a little disgusted at myself, for laughing at lyrics that I should have been shaking my head at.
To sum it up, this movie is definitely enjoyable, if you are able to take vulgarity like an army boy in front of his sergeant during scolding sessions. Do not be numb to it though; pray before you enter, I feel that it is a serious need to ask for protection of the soul and mindset before entering. Lastly, do not stereotype, and just have a good laugh about it.


Take a look at the movie trailer>>


One Response to “D.M.C.”

  1. zc Says:

    Watched it and like you, prayed before watching. I was first introduced to DMC in its anime version, which in all its popularity, was a lot more vulgar than the movie. To be honest I liked the anime, despite what it stood for, despite the vulgarities, despite the sexual connotations; I liked the presentation and the style, I liked the contrast of appearance vs reality. Not to say it didn’t bug my conscious though. Per episode was 15 min for the anime, and it had only about a dozen eps, but it was on my mind a lot more than that 15 min a day.

    I must admit that the movie was really hilarious though. I’ve never seen anything half as amusing as it. The style, the acting – hands down, it was hilarious. Yet, the movie packaged death metal (it’s not even about heavy metal anymore) and vulgarities and sexual jokes in a way that made them seem to be acceptable for everyone, which isn’t true.

    I wouldn’t recommend anyone to watch it, although if you do, yes please do pray. You may think it strange or even ridiculous to be praying before you watch it, or that it doesn’t help, but seriously, it helps. And if you’re watching with someone, do ‘enlighten’ that someone of what’s beneath the surface of Detroit Metal City.

    Great that you blogged about DMC.
    God bless.

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