IT-Savvy Generation-This.

April 2, 2009

ROTA obama buckingham palace 010409

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Reported on news today is with the headlines of OBAMA. This time he’s in Europe. This article had really caught my eye and really kinda ‘relate’ with what i had in mind all day to share.

With on click on ‘Google’ all news related to what I typed in the search box

” OBAMA+IPOD+QUEEN ” showed up instantly like magic.

As i type along on my lappy now, with all my links opened up beside really eases me with all the info i need to spice up the ‘kinda’ boring text as you read. *ha! i hope you’re not bored*

In Case you were reading the title, and wondering what does it mean.

IT-Savvy Generation – This.

think simpler. 

think YOU. 

yes that’s right. YOU! 

If you’re reading this somewhere on mother earth, while msn-ing and the window keeps ‘ting ding ding’ up and down with peeps signing in and out, blasting your music along in your iTunes, downloading the latest music ‘legally’, or even youtubing and blogging at the same time blog-shopping.

Thank you. You’re are the ‘Generation – This’. 

Someone wiser told me a few years ago that the generation we’re moving forward and evolving is no longer a generation of ‘multi-taskers’ but rather they will become ‘hyper-taskers’.

Back then, who would have thought of giving the Queen an ipod? 

The evolution of music has made portable music a daily necessity, on trains, in buses, while walking, jogging or sleeping.. .

Let’s take a moment to imagine the Queen with her ipod ….

Wow! isn’t it cool? made me wanna get one myself too.


 Taking it aside, wanna share with you guys some slogans that had used in their recent years advertisement. 

Check it out! Which one is you? 

“So much to touch.” (2008) used to advertise 8GB, 16GB, and 32GB models. 

“Get your groove on. In four new colors” (2008) used on the website to advertise the refresh of the iPod Shuffle 

“One size fits all.” used on their website to promote the new single sized iPod classic 

“The funnest iPod ever” used on their website to promote the second generation iPod touch 

“Millions of songs. Thousands of videos. Hundreds of games.” used on their website to promote the second generation iPod touch 

“Small Talk.” used on their website to promote the new iPod shuffle 

I hope I’m the one with the ‘funnest‘ ! 🙂

Music evolved. 

So did pictures.

Pictures are great. but ‘moving pictures’ are even better. let’s talk a little about the latest ‘craze’ that i have …

It has got to be ‘YouTube’  6a00d83451586c69e2011279475e0a28a4-800wi2

okok i hear some of you might be turning your ‘switches’ off already – Thinking “what’s there to talk about YouTube? it’s been ‘there’ like dont’ know since when?”

Well, great to hear that too! it just simply means that how much YouTube has gotten into your daily lives that you’re living with it just like how you’ve gotten use to ‘having a mobile phone everyday’

Ever felt the back of your head ‘itching’ when you forgot your mobile at home?

Well, I bet that you’d have the same ‘itching’ when YouTube is ‘down‘! 😀

Within these short three years, YouTube has evolved and became better in terms of their streaming technology, loading and uploading of the videos. The wide range of topics covered by YouTube has turned video sharing into one of the most important parts of Internet Culture. 

Basic requirements, arm with a cheap video camera and the internet, and go ‘broadcast yourself.’ 😉

Speaking of internet cultures..

From a report, about nine out of 10 US consumers ages 12 to 24 use the Internet. That is not surprising.But more than one-half of those ages 65 to 69 are online as well, and Internet-using 70-to-74-year-olds make up 45% of people that age.

It seems like not just the young people  that are into being IT-Savvy, all other age groups are catching up too! 

Just the other day, my mom was really amaze by wikipedia (the free encyclopedia) the amount of  knowledge and speed and images that the web has to offer and wished that she knows how to operate a computer. 

It really excites me to show her more on what the internet had to offer, personally my mom is also rather IT-savvy for her age as she got herself a samsung Omnia. *wow*

theblogiconcircle256It’s now a norm for us to write a blog as it is to write a diary, a massive shift since. Becoming more bold and more expressive to the world.  

Myself being a blogger‘ whom happen to have many frenzy-bloggers’ ; find that i could kinda ‘stay in touch’ with their lives better.

As we ‘open‘ ourselves up. Not only so, it has also become a culture amongst us to relate and update each other using this very mean. 

For me blogging itself has been my ‘ventilating‘ panel, my window to showcase the things that i like and the topics that I’m on. 

It’s definitely a easier way to read a person from his blog to find out what are the things that he likes or  is into, it’s somthing like …

” What you blog makes up a lot of you; or; your blog equals majority of you “

When meeting a friend, i can relate naturally more towards her if  i read her blog, often find ourselves chatting about the common areas that we are all interested in quickly; thus bringing gaps closer. 

I think that being IT-Savvy has become more of a lifestyle than being a ‘trend-chaser’, it’s no longer like… 

”hey, he’s doing it, it’s sooo cool, i want to do it too”  or  ”I have to own a blog to be one of them” 

I’m not saying that everyone should  own a blog or make videos on youtube, what i’m trying to say is that as ‘generation-this’  I thank God that we are previlaged to have the available resources and equipments to enable ourselves to relate and express to one another, building bonds, pulling in gaps and most importantly is to carry out ideas and thoughts over.

Be it music, blogs, videos, songs, stories, talking or meeting up etc.

Most importantly … Go get yourslef connected with someone dear today!

I hope you enjoyed ‘IT’                 – well,  i did.  🙂

ibecks          not bloomwood   

                                                                                       all-4-1-Heart ❤


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