April fool’s!!

April 1, 2009

computer-virus_thumbeeeeeKKKKKK!!! There is a VIRUS on April fool’s day!! oh my!!! this is serious.. if u have been looking at the news today, a malicious virus named by computer detectives as ‘downadup’ or ‘Convicker’ was found to modify itself when the clock strikes 12 am today according to channel news asia. The worm is expected to make its presence felt from the East to the West beginning in time zones that are first to greet april fool’s day.

What is yet to be discovered is that professionals are still puzzled by this ‘lazy’ worm’s ultimate agenda. Is the Virus going to destroy all our files? is the virus going to cause the airplane to drop from the sky? However, like most virus does, it is definitely going to inflict some damage to the tech-savvy world. ( how i wish one love virus can kick off like this virus:))

‘Conficker’ has been roaming around since last November causing cyber crimes to rise using email frauds and keystroke capture that steal millions of personal information of user all around the world. Microsoft Window users are susceptible to this virus. ( i am a mac user so i am safe i hope) Even thumb drives are vulnerable too. so i urge everyone whose security software is expired or firewall is turn off because you are playing Dota or viwawa to level up your system security before its too late.

Mutation can happen to this virus too. The host can infect computers to become slave and use them as weapons to launch a deadlier attack on computers.  Dont be disheartened yet if u have backuped all your important files:)

VIRUS spreads and multiply. this was what Jun Liang shared last saturday. One love VIRUS is good, you do not need to backup your files to protect yourself. what u need to do is ‘let your guards down’ and let it infect you and u can be a host too by spreading to all your friends. i wish to see our VIRUS multiply 10 folds, 100 folds to 1000 folds:) so remember on 24 to 25 April, remember to change your profile pic to a one love poster and change your status to ‘all for love.’

OK thats all for today. i am off to study. just to remind all who are still not ambassador yet to look for Francis from agape church to pass him your name and details.

hope u guys remember me, XOXO.


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