To GET Her: the ‘house’ woman

March 31, 2009


To GET Her, 爱就宅一起 is the latest taiwan drama to hit Singapore by storm and of course, Taiwan itself. This drama actually caught my attention because it is really different from the normal taiwanese love drama i have watched. It’s about a love story between a ‘house’ woman, Rainie, and a ‘once’ popular superstar, Jiro Wang from Fahrenheit 飞轮海.

‘House’ woman??? or ‘house’ man(it is the same), refers to someone who loves to stay at home using the computer all day without leaving their seat. except for visiting the toilet… obviously. During meal time, they simply take what they want and head back to their own fantasy world. are you one of them as well? there’s more to that to be a ‘house’ man. let us see if you fit the role…

First, love online games, anime, comics and everything else! Second, slovenly dressed. Third, quiet. Lastly, being forgotten easily. those are just some examples of a ‘house’ man. hope you are not one of them.

alright, this is a simple review of the drama. the house woman named MoMo, 默默, she is the main female lead in this drama. she is not the usual female lead that you usually see in taiwan dramas. what do you expect?! she is a ‘house’ woman. this is a picture of her…

cant really imagine she is the female lead. Back to the story, she is just a very normal typical ‘house’ girl. she scores very well in her studies, always hands in her work on time. Many of us think that she is the kind of student teachers’ like. but teachers dont really like her and they always forget her name. she reads a comic everyday to sch about a prince called 卡沙巴 . so her world is basically all about the world of prince 卡沙巴. Ok, now the ‘super’star. his name is Mars.  marsthat’s him. once a very popular superstar. An all-round celebrity in drama and singing. Had acted in numerous dramas and released many albums and concerts too. however, because of some negative news report about him, it led to the lowest point of his career. his company decides to send him to school since he does not have any job at hand. also, he was forced to moved out of his house provided by his company. to cut things short, he found a place to live in and it happened to be 默默’s home. he is even in the same school and same class as her. therefore, they kind of live together under one roof and love just happens….

i cant imagine a celebrity falling in love with a ‘house’ woman. As the story goes, 默默 slowly opens herself to him. it’s really interesting and do try watching it if you have the time. Channel U is showing it now. i think it’s ep 4 now, but i am watching latest ep online. it’s ep 7 now. off to ep 7 now! watching half-way~


One Response to “To GET Her: the ‘house’ woman”

  1. becca Says:

    same here. in love ❤ with this drama..
    cant wait for the next eps!

    sneak preview:
    next esp mars is going to express his love for momo! *screams*

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