March 30, 2009


This event was held last last friday, 20 March 2009 ! Although around 30+ people attended the gathering, but im sure that every single one of us enjoyed the day very much 😀

Let me just briefly share what happened during that day.

We have two teams. ‘ONE’ and ‘LOVE’. What a nice name right ?

First game is called ‘Plaster’ . The game is that A will shout out B’s name. Then B will get the chance to hit the person either on his right or left. C, who gets hit must remain quiet while the person beside C has to shout ouch, then the next person shouts plaster and the next will shout another person’s name. And it goes round like this. So, began the DAMN UNLUCKY ONE, i sat beside the ‘PRO’. Omgoshh, you’d never be able to imagine how red is my thigh ! Everyone is like so scared of this PRO. Moral of the story is, dont sit beside that PRO whenever you play this game.

Followed by the game ‘Entangled’ , ‘Crocodile Cross the River’ & ‘Arranging on the Chair’. During the games, they have to stand on the chair and play. During the game, something happened to the poor little chair. *Sorry little chair. Hope you’re fine*


While waiting for the people to set fire and BBQ the food, more games were played. Like ‘ Zhong Ji Mi Ma’ & ‘Tooth-Pick Game’.


A BIG Thank You to those who helped in setting up the fire. It was a tough job ! I saw this guy using paper plates and fanning the fire crazily, not even sparing the newspaper. He even dirtied his hand while taking the charcoal. But the worst thing is, HE WIPED IT ON MY FACE ! Luckily no photo was shot ! xD Back to the point, really thanked them for their help. If not, we wont have those delicious food to eat.





looks delicious uh (:

I believe that during the dinner time, everyone mix around, joke and chat with each other. I saw Agape people talking to Gk611 people, The New Church people mixing around with Bethany Church people etc. More friends were made during that moment. YEAH !

After dinner, we proceeded to the last game, ‘Treasure Hunt’. Teams were to find the sweets that were hidden around the church. Whoever got the most sweets win, and whoever finishes all the sweets first, wins (: Prizes were then given out to the winners.

Before ending, we played one more small game. ‘Zhong Ji Mi Ma’. They were to go back to their own church mates and as a team, see who loses, and those “lucky ones” will get to eat those delicious food(the leftovers lah) 😀 The New Church was the BIG winner for Hotdogs, Bethany was the BIG winner for Nuggets, GK611 was the BIG winner of crabstick & Agape was the winner of Nuggets (not as much as Bethany) XD

ONELOVE BBQ’s success would not be possible without Lydia, MeiJiao, WeiShun, Nat, Samuel (TNC), Chengyi & Felly(Agape). Lets give them a round of applause ! *claps claps* 

On another note, a BIG thank you to everyone for attending the gathering. Hope you guys had made more friends through this event, and possibly become friends for life… (:









ps: all these pictures are too small. for more and clearer pictures, please log on to



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