March 29, 2009

Just back from One Love gathering at The New Church (:


Everything about it was wonderful and marvelous. From the ice-breaking session to Praise and Worship, from the Pastors’ talks to prayer, it was all so memorable. Surely, God’s presence filled the sanctuary as aobut 200 people gathered together, all for one love 😀


The event started off on time with the ice breaking games, and one of them was ”The Tree & Squirrel’, which was led by George from SJC. People from different churches had to mix around in order to fulfil the objective of the game, thus breaking the ice between one another. It was also a good opportunity for those shy ones  to get to know new friends, as everybody was made to be in a close proximity with two other people from different churches at all times.

A surprise from the Sports team came right after the ice-breakers as the draw for the One Love Challenge Cup was held LIVE, hosted by Jeremy from GK611. For your information, the Challenge Cup is still open for registration – registration will close on Monday, 29th March. For more details about it, please refer to the onelove website.


Next up, the FIRE and RAIN DOWN Praise and Worship!! Everyone praised and worshiped the Lord with all our hearts, mind and soul. This e-journalist feels that ‘One Way’ was the most hyped up song for Praise ‘n Worship because everyone could put down their masks and be REAL infront of God ! Like me, I don’t often jump during Praise ‘n Worship sessions, but today I JUMPED ! Praise God! 😀

Pastor Soh, from TNC, shared a small story about Jackie Pullinger. She followed after God from a very young age and her whole life was transformed, and she was a history maker, playing a huge part in changing the lives of many. The main point is that youths should follow the God’s will and trust that He will take care of your whole life. Different people have different callings from God. For example, Pastor Soh shared that God called him to spread the gospel among the chinese speaking while on the other hand, his ex-classmate, Pastor Kong Hee was called to spread the gospel among other people. Although they are of the same age, God put them in different places and missions. Thus, we do not need to compare our ministries with others, because at the end of the day, you are still serving the One and Only God.


Then, Pastor Lee Ke Hong shared that if we remain in Christ, and He will remain in us. In Love, there is no fear. So, pluck up your courage and say ILOVEYOU to Jesus and your parents. Even to your close friends because you love them right ? (: I challenge you now, within this week, make an effort to say at least once ILOVEYOU to your parents 😀

Some future updates.

Coming June, we would have 5188 balloons, with the word 爱, send up to our Heavenly Father. Lets keep this in prayer as the committee members would help us think about the event.

We have only 120 One Love ambassadors currently !! So, if you want to be part of One Love, JOIN US by filling up a form (:

Chengyi, from Agape, would be going from poly to poly to TREAT us a meal ! So by supporting him, GO GET A FREE MEAL at your School ! More informations would be released in the near future. Thank God for Chengyi, because he is willing to use his pocket money ALL FOR ONE LOVE 😀

On the 24 April 2009, those with facebook, lets change OUR status to ALL FOR ONE LOVE ❤ and change your profile picture to the one love virus, which will be released in the onelove website soon! xD


A big thank you to The New Church and all who were present tonight as you contributed to the success of the event! Lets look forward to our next gathering at Agape Church, just a few streets down the road! SHALOM !



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