Lotus Foot

March 21, 2009




This practice lasted from the tenth century to 1911, until the new Chinese republic banned it.


Little girls from the age of as young as seven were starting to have their foot bind because that is when their foot starts to faster, and hence they have to ‘deform’ the foot to make it like a ‘Lotus Foot’. Lotus Foot is all at the size of three to three and a half inches!


Normally the profession foot binder would bind their feet for them instead of their mother. Because they fear that the mother would be sympathetic to the pain of her daughter’s feet and loosen the bandages.

First, each foot will be soaked in mixture of herbs and animal blood to soften the foot to aid the process of binding. The toes on each foot were pressed downwards into the sole of the foot until they were broken, and held against the sole of the foot. The foot was then drawn straight with the leg and the arch broken. They then use the bandage, which is also soaked in the mixture, and wrap the foot as tight as possible. When binding is done, the ends of the bandage would be sewed to prevent the little girl from loosening it. As the bandage dried up, they would constricted more, making the binding more tighter.




This process is repeated daily for the rich and two to thrice a week for the peasants, with fresh bindings. Binding usually starts during winter so that the feet were all numb, meaning less extreme pain.





Only with bound feet, women are able to get married. If not they are begin left out by the society and even punished.

this shows how the binding is like.

Thank God that eve if my feet are big, im not ignored by guys xD


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