Best job in the world!

March 17, 2009


“BEST JOB IN THE WORLD”. Seriously man! AUD $150 000 for 6 months! That’s SGD $25 000 per month! Oh my gosh. I want this job too. Hmmm, let me take a look at the requirements…


We’re looking for someone with an adventurous attitude, passion for the outdoors and good communication skills.

What a vague criteria! Millions and millions of people can self-claim to be adventurous, have passion for the outdoors, etc. Shouldn’t they try to be a little more precise? Okay let me read on…

Tourism Queensland will be selecting applicants based on:

– Enthusiasm for the role

– Entertainment value (personality and creativity)

– Presentation skills (being media-friendly)

– At least one year’s relevant experience

How come all these criteria sound more like, all they need is a crazy, rah-rah person. I mean, I’m sure any member in my school’s ODAC (Outdoor Activities Club) is prefect for the role! But well, I guess, the one year’s relevant experience is the only one which I don’t have. It’s alright! My part-time admin job pays me $1000 a month. I’m still a happy man. =)

This is indeed a new marketing strategy. TQ (Tourism Queensland) could have easily go through the used and tested route: print and broadcast advertising. However, instead of following the norm, it came up with this whole idea of “The Best Job in the World”, which not only gain massive publicity, but also a major boost in tourism.

In case you are not aware, over 34,000 people from all over the world have applied. 4 “SEA-sian” were shortlisted as part of the final 50 applicants. They include 2 from Singapore, and 1 from Malaysia and Indonesia each. All we need is for one of the Singaporeans to be chosen, and I’m sure the tabloids here will be thrown into the media frenzy. Imagine the impact on Queensland’s tourism!


This job pays you $25k per month, and all you need to do is to blog about your enjoyable and relaxing lifestyle on the island! Are Singaporeans willing to do such crazy things for 6 months? This is definitely a thought to chew on.

I’m sure many of us have our own little fantasies of accomplishing the impossible one day. However, how many of us will turn that into reality? Perhaps, it’s time for us to step out of our boat and comfort zone. Construct a roller coaster that goes round the entire Singapore! Build a flying fox that gets down from Swissotel to ECP! Why do we always end up doing what others have achieved? The flyer is simply a poor imitation of the West. The Integrated Resort is just another resort which our neighbouring country already has in place for the longest period of time.

6 months of fun and recreation may seem really attractive, but ask yourself: Is this what you really want? Take for example a student who has just completed his A-level and has almost 8 months of holiday before school starts. Perhaps he may enjoy himself in the first 2 months, but subsequently, he will be sick of his lifestyle! As the saying goes, you work hard, and you play hard! Only then will you taste the fruit of your labour. There has to be a balance.

Working and blogging at the Great Barrier Reef for 6 months is indeed attractive. Not only do you enjoy the company of Mother Nature, you get to earn big bucks too! Want to know more about this job? Visit !


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